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Brand: CAMEL
Round edges that do not chipClear and distinctly visible markingsSmooth tapered edges that lie flat on the surface to give sharp lines.Transparent body..
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Brand: CAMEL
Specially designed self centering compass and divider, for ease and accuracy while drawing circles and anglesComes with a free Camlin Klick 0.5mm mechanical pencil with lead tube and stencilBoth divider and compass are made with non-rusting strong material to last long and remain in shape and shineT..
Ex Tax:₹179
Battery-operated eraser for fast and precise erasingIdeal for professional and amateur artists of all ages as well as studentsSuitable for graphite, coloured and pastel pencilsIdeal for small areas and detail work, can be used for highlighting (lifting off small amounts of pigment) as well as outrig..
Ex Tax:₹499
Scaler for transferring measurements into your artworkPerfect for professional and amateur artists of all ages as well as studentsIndispensable tool for any artist - Use the scaler to transfer measurements from life, photos and sketches to achieve accurate proportions in your artwork every timeUltim..
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Brand: DOMS
Product: X1 Premium Mathematical Drawing Instrument Geometry Box, Pack of 1.Ensures Accuracy & Perfection.Premium Tin Box with attractive design.Non-Rusting Instruments that last long.Special mm markings for precision..
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Scale for use in schools offices and more..
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High transparency for ease of marking. Perfect calibration for accuracy. Rounded edges that do not chip and are child safe. Heavier in weight therefore it is steadier and long lasting. Good flexibility so less chances of breaking when used roughly. Bold markings that do not fade. Recyclable( environ..
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Rounded edges that do not chip.Bold markings that do not fade.Smooth tapered edges that lie flat on surface. Smooth tapered edges that lie flat on surface. Perfect calibration for accuracy. Transparent body for clear visibility...
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Brand: MAPED
Asymmetrical scissors, stainless steel blades, 3D ergonomics, product made of 60 percent recycled plastic and 10-years warranty3D ergonomic handlesOptimum comfort, flexible handles..
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Brand: MAPED
Exclusive double system metal compassBlock the legs for maximum control and fold them for safety secure and compact storage, compass length 150 mmPatented stop system concept- looks legs into position..
Ex Tax:₹402
Brand: MAPED
Funny puzzle eraser for childrenAppealing & unique designErase both graphite & frixion inkGood efficiency..
Ex Tax:₹48
Brand: MAPED
Soft comfort, auto-lock bladeIntegrated blade snapper10-year warranty..
Ex Tax:₹188
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